About Us

About Nuron

Our Aim Is Simple - To Reimagine and Revolutionize Internet Services.

How we can reimagine and revolutionize internet service is a question we set out to answer, and here is how, We focus on delivering high-speed broadband services for everyone, from homes to enterprises, using our advanced cloud services, resulting in a buffer-free experience for the users.

In a pursuit to deliver on what we have promised, we collaborate with experienced local cable operators and service providers and take over and manage their network with our clever software solutions. It gives us immediacy and swiftness in detecting network breaks and their rectification, eventually resulting in a rich and prompt service experience for the users. Our technical prowess and experience in the telco industry helped us create Nuron with the mission to challenge the status quo. 

History of Nuron

How Did Nuron Come Into Existence?

Nuron, headquartered in Bangalore and established in 2018, takes inspiration from the word neuron – cell in the human body responsible for the transmission of every impulse, sensation, and action call. Millions of neurons form the nervous system of the body. We wanted to bring out the same essence with our network service.

Nuron is a team of passionate professionals who have sharpened their skills in the biggest telco companies. We came together for the collective vision to rethink the internet scenario in the country. We felt there was still room to make things better in this sector. We use the same internet services you use. We are aware of the challenges and problems you face. So, we decided to take the matter into our own hands. Our know-how of the traditionally functioning giants told us we could do something disruptive. Hence, Nuron was born. Nuron signifies progressive, transparent, and intelligent networks for the always-on needs of the current era.

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Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say About Us!

We asked our valued customers, who are using our networks, to describe it in a few words. Have a look at what they have to say.

I have been using Nuron broadband services for last 5 months, I never found any significant issue related to network and speed. 

Vivek Gautam

I have been a satisfied consumer of Nuron networks for past 2 years. Speed is optimum and their plans are highly effective for corporates.


Have been using Nuron services for past 6 months and pretty satisfied with the connection as well as with the customer service of Nuron


Application-Based Traffic Engineering

Depending on your usage, Nuron will dynamically manage the speeds for an uninterrupted optimum connection.

Next-Gen Technology

Nuron uses analytics. It is intelligent - real-time bandwidth management and network health monitoring. End result? Zero downtime and extremely stable connection.

Secure and Transparent

Security is our priority. You have the power to block out the sites you want. And you can know all about your data.

Welcome to Nuron! Get to know about your connection, the activity, and insights. It is a one-stop destination for everything related to your Nuron subscription.