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We are oneEight

We put users first, and we’ll never stop doing that.

Presenting, the thinkingPARADIGM®

A next-generation hyper-convergence technology company, we’re here to enable the most intelligent, intuitive and transparent broadband network. That’s geek speak for an internet experience which gives you lag-free access to the best the world Wide Web offers at the highest quality possible on your devices.

We challenge the status quo

Build a pathbreaking cloud platform, connect with experienced infrastructure partners, and enable telco-grade networks — that’s how we do it. We’re a technology-led team and nothing excites us more than the next big invention. With deep experience in the traditionally business-led telco industry, we conceived nuron with the freedom to rethink the established.

We’re driven by analytics

That’s what makes all the difference. Our advanced cloud-based analytics technology continuously monitors usage. This means that not only can we ensure that every user gets the right speed for the best experience, but that we can predict a breakdown well in advance and fix it before you feel it. That’s the power of the thinkingPARADIGM®

We believe you deserve to know

…to know what you’re paying for, to know where your data goes. That’s the reason why our data plans are exactly about that — data. Choose any plan, rest assured of an unparalleled streaming, surfing or downloading experience. No unnecessary speed caps (other than FUP) and no inaccurate speed tests. Starting with simple plans and transparent billing, we’re changing the paradigm, one step at a time.