Celebrating World Autism Awareness Month

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April is World Autism Awareness Month, and we’re excited to announce that we hosted an awareness event on the 21st of April 2023. Our event is dedicated to promoting acceptance, support, and inclusion of people in the neurodiversity and advocating for their rights. We hope to raise awareness and support for individuals with autism.

What is Autism?

Autism is a complex neurological disorder that affects how individuals process information and interact with the world around them. 

Some common characteristics of autism include:
●Difficulty with social interaction, including communication and making eye contact
● Repetitive behaviors, such as hand flapping or lining up objects
● Sensory sensitivities, such as sensitivity to loud noises or certain textures
● Difficulty with changes in routine or unexpected events
● Difficulties with nonverbal communication, such as interpreting facial expressions or body language

Details of the Event:

This event took place on the 21st of April 2023, and we invited everyone to join us in promoting autism awareness. The event included a range of activities and discussions aimed at raising awareness of autism, its impact on individuals, and how we can support individuals with autism in our communities.

Some of the activities that took place during the event included:
● Keynote speeches from experts in the field of autism

● Interactive panel discussions with individuals with autism and their families

● Workshops focused on supporting individuals with autism in education, employment, and daily life

●Sensory-friendly activities for individuals with autism(keyboard)

Aashwasan Foundation- an organization aiming to transform people’s lives, one of the members of the organization took part in the event and raised awareness of

Awareness to the people

Our event was an opportunity to learn more about autism and to support individuals with autism in our communities. By attending, we gained valuable insights into the challenges faced by individuals with autism and how you can support them. You will also have the opportunity to connect with experts in the field, individuals with autism, and their families.

There are several measures that can be taken in society to support individuals with autism to have a chance in their professional life and be accepted by society. Here are some suggestions:

1. Create inclusive workplaces: Employers should create inclusive workplaces that are accessible and accommodating for individuals with autism. This can include providing sensory-friendly workspaces, flexible work schedules, and clear communication channels.
2. Provide vocational training: Vocational training programs can help individuals with autism to acquire the necessary skills for employment. These programs can provide training in job readiness, social skills, and job-specific skills.


3. Increase awareness, acceptance, and create portfolios: It is important to increase awareness and acceptance of autism in society. This can be done through public education campaigns, community events, and media representation. When society is more accepting of individuals with autism, it can help reduce stigma and discrimination.

4. Provide support services: Individuals with autism may require additional support services to succeed in the workplace. This can include job coaches, mentoring programs, and disability accommodations.

5. Encourage entrepreneurship: Some individuals with autism may have unique skills and interests that make them well-suited for entrepreneurship. Encouraging and supporting entrepreneurship can provide individuals with autism with a pathway to success tailored to their strengths and abilities.

By implementing these measures, society can help individuals with autism to have a chance in their professional life and be accepted by society.

About Adithya

Adithya Venkatesh: A Musical Prodigy with a Unique Vision

Adithya Venkatesh is not your ordinary musician. He is a young and talented music director who can play multiple instruments with flair and finesse. He has aspecial gift for creating melodies and rhythms that transcend genres and boundaries. He is also a person with autism, who has overcome many challenges and obstacles to pursue his passion for music.

Adithya’s Journey into the World of Music

Adithya was drawn to music from a very young age. He started playing the keyboard when he was just four years old and soon discovered the joy and beauty of musical expression. He learned to play by ear, without any formal training or notation. He also developed an interest in other instruments, such as the guitar, drums, and piano. He experimented with different styles and forms of music, from classical to Western to fusion.

Adithya’s musical talent was recognized and nurtured by his family and teachers. He received guidance and inspiration from some eminent musicians in the field of Carnatic music, such as Karnataka Kalashree Vidwan Shri. Tirumale Srinivas, Vidwan Shri. Ramdas and Kalaimamani Vidwan Shri. Kumaresh Rajagopalan. He also learned to appreciate and respect the divine aspect of music, and to offer his music as a service to God.

Adithya’s Unique Approach to Music

Adithya has a distinctive way of playing the keyboard that showcases the richness and diversity of Carnatic music. He uses the keyboard as a versatile instrument that can emulate the nuances and expressions of various other instruments, such as the violin, flute, veena, and sitar. He also blends elements of Western music, such as chords, harmony, and modulation, to create a fusion that is both innovative and authentic.

Adithya’s compositions are original and captivating. He composes based on the ragas and talas of Carnatic music, but also adds his own twists and variations. He collaborates with other musicians, such as the Fiddli duo, to create musical pieces that are fresh and dynamic. He also experiments with different genres and themes, such as devotional, patriotic, romantic, and folk.

Adithya’s Vision for Music

Adithya is a musical prodigy with a unique vision. He wants to spread the joy and message of music to everyone, especially those who are differently abled like him. He believes that music can heal, empower and transform lives. He wants to use his music as a medium to connect with people across cultures and backgrounds. He wants to inspire others to follow their dreams and passions, regardless of their challenges or limitations.

Adithya Venkatesh is a musical phenomenon that is making waves in the world of music. He is a shining example of how music can transcend barriers and create harmony. He is a talented musician who plays Carnatic music on the keyboard. He has a unique style of expression that blends tradition and innovation. He believes music is a form of therapy that can heal and uplift the soul.

He has performed in various cities across India, such as Bangalore, Chennai, Mangalore, and Coimbatore. He has also received several awards and recognition for his musical talent. Some of them are:

– Yuva Sangeet Puraskar – 2022 by Kailash Trust and Mitra for life
– The Rising Star – By Sciartsrus in Marghazi Matrem

Adithya has given over 60 performances on stage, solo, and in groups. He has collaborated with other artists like Mahesh Raghavan, a popular fusion musician who uses digital instruments.

Adithya’s music has been featured in various media outlets, such as the Times of India, patientsengage.com, asianetnews.com, and Facebook. He is passionate about sharing his music with others and is available to play for events. He can be contacted through his website or social media handles.

Contact To know more about Adithya, please connect on the following:
Email: vidyavenkatesh.blr@gmail.com 

 He is a musician with a mission: to make music that matters.

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