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New Connection
1) What is the cost of a new connection?

Call +91 90196 02602 or send us a query here and we’ will get in touch with you shortly.

2) What documents do I need to sign up for nuronHOME (our residential plans)?

Govt issued ID Proof
Address Proof: Landline Bill or Rental Agreement
Passport size photo

3) My connection has been activated in the middle of the month. How will this affect my bill or billing cycle?

It doesn’t matter when your connection is activated. Since all our plans are prepaid, your billing cycle runs for 28 days from the day your plan/connection is activated — whether it is the 1st of the month or the 15th.
1) How do I choose a plan?

We take care of the speed, so all you have to think about is data. Since the network that thinks continuously gauges usage and allocates speed dynamically, the only question you need to ask yourself is how much data you need — because with nuron, lag-free speed is a guarantee.

If you are unsure of how much data you typically use, start with a plan with the lowest data limit. If you need more, you can Top Up with ease or migrate to a new plan at the tap of a finger. Once you finish your data for the month, while you will be able to continue surfing, as per FUP rules, your speed will be capped at 512 kbps.

2) How do I change my plan?

Current plan too limited? Upgrade with ease here.

3) Can I get a low speed, low rental plan?

Your nuron plan is based solely on data consumption. The network that thinks constantly allocates the best speed, depending on what you are doing. If you want to switch to a lower rental, simply choose a smaller data package here.

4) Can I upgrade my plan in the middle of a month? How will it affect my bill?

Sure you can! Your new plan will be activated within 24 hours of payment. To understand how it will affect your bill, let us suppose that you are upgrading to a higher data limit. On the day you decide to change your plan, our system will check your account balance (or the quantity of data you have left in your original prepaid plan). Say, you have half your monthly data limit left (as per your original plan). This will be credited to your new plan, and so you will only pay the difference.

For example, if your original plan is 250 GB for Rs 699 starting on the 23rd of December and on the 1st of Jan, you wish to upgrade to the 500 GB plan for Rs 1399. If you have used half your data limit (125 GB), you will pay only Rs 1399 — (Rs 699 — 349.50), or Rs 1049.50. Not a penny or byte wasted!

5) Is there a fee for changing plans?

Not at all! All you have to pay is the difference between your old plan and the new, when opting for a higher data limit. Please refer to the question 4.

6) I have finished my data for the month. How do I top up?

Get your Top Up on the go here. It’s easy, quick and takes effect instantly.
1) What is my billing cycle?

All our plans are prepaid and your 28-day billing cycle begins within 24 hours of the day you pay for your nuron plan.

2) How do I pay my bill?

Paying online is super simple. Pay by card or net banking through a safe and secure payment gateway. To pay online, click here.
What do you mean by the network that thinks?

There is a reason we call nuron the network that thinks — our power-packed analytics engine continuously gauges the perfect speed you need for the applications you use in real time. The fact is that not every user in your home requires the same speed all the time because not every user is using the same application at the same time. The nuron network detects usage at an individual level and allocates speed accordingly to individual users — lower for an email, higher for streaming a video or a video conference. What that means is that no matter what you are doing online, you will be doing it lag-free. That’s the power of the network that thinks.
Complaints, Shifting and Deactivation
1)What do I do if my connection/ nuronCUBE isn’t working?

Simple. Just give us a call at +91 90196 02602 and we’ll get on the job ASAP.

2) I am moving to a different neighbourhood. How do I shift my nuron connection?

Raise a Service Request or call customer care at +91 90196 02602 for instant support.

3) How do I terminate my nuron connection?

Click Service Request and opt for Termination. Our executives will contact you shortly. 

4) Can I use my existing (non nuron) connection with the nuronCUBE?

Sorry! The nuronCUBE is configured to work exclusively with the nuron network to ensure security and quality of service.

5) Are there any shifting/ deactivation charges?

To know more about service fees, please call customer care at +91 90196 02602 for instant support.
1) What is the nuronCUBE?

The nuronCUBE is the nerve centre of your nuron internet experience. It is a hotspot router and entertainment platform, all in one sleek, intelligent box. It is loaded with the nuStore (a continuously curated app market), a music and video player, and a rich selection of live TV channels, on-demand video streaming and gaming services along with a browser so you can surf on your television. With two USB ports and Bluetooth capabilities, you can connect external hard disks, keyboard, mouse and more.

2) I already have a router. Why should I switch to the nuronCUBE?

The nuronCUBE is much more than a router. It is the gateway to the best internet experience ever, with its own app store (nuStore), internet TV, 20,000+ on demand videos and 100+ games. By just plugging your TV into the nuronCUBE’s HDMI port, you can turn it into a smart TV. Add a keyboard or mouse with bluetooth or USB, and surf on the big screen. And, it connects to 8 wifi devices simultaneously. Can your old router do that?

If you want more time to think about the nuronCUBE, you can still enjoy all the standard features of the nuron network with your existing router like usage analytics, surfSAFE and more.

3) Can I watch nuronCUBE’s live channels on my TV?

Sure! Connect with nuronCUBE and turn your TV into a smart TV. Whether you want to stream a movie or write an email, do it on the biggest screen you own. You can also connect a mouse or a keyboard with Bluetooth or USB and an external hard disk. Who needs a desktop anymore!

4) What is the nuSTORE? Can I download apps on the nuronCUBE?

Available on the nuronCUBE, the nuSTORE is where you can download the coolest apps like Youtube, TED, Gmail, Facebook and more. Our team of app curators continuously refreshes the nuSTORE, giving you the best range of apps to enjoy. And if there’s something more that you’re after, with our lag-free network, you can download unlimited apps on all your wifi enabled devices.

5) How many devices can I use with the nuronCUBE?

Use upto 8 wifi-enabled devices (laptop, tablet, phone etc.), and that’s not all. Turn your TV into a smart TV — just plug it into the nuronCUBE’s HDMI port.