On the 12th of September 2022, we organized a Walkathon in honor of these superheroes. The event started out at Parappana Aagrah where all the Pourakarmikas gathered. Almost all our employees joined to support the event which was broadcasted live by Asianet Suvarna News. The Pourakarmikas along with our employees covered a distance of 3 kms.

The event was then followed by a series of dance and fun games after which everyone feasted. All the Pourakarmikas that participated enjoyed the occasion. The event was thereby a huge success.

“Cleanliness” as per the Cambridge dictionary means the state of being clean or the act of keeping things clean. One of the main commandments of a perfectly well-functioning society is its cleanliness.

As the saying goes “Not all heroes wear capes which is undoubtedly true when it comes to our Pourakarmikas, who dedicatedly work to ensure we live in a debris free, clean and healthy society.


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Pourakarmikas have and will always continue being an integral part of this society without whom we wouldn’t have the privilege to walk on clean streets. Modi government’s initiative of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan would have been impossible to achieve without their assistance, thereby justifying their significance.

We at Nuron firmly believe in doing our bit in helping and supporting society. Nuron will continue to arrange Corporate Social Responsibility activities and support the society in every way.

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