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For Work Gaming Streaming Smart Classes

Internet is at the center of everything we do – work, e-sports, virtual meetings, streaming. And Nuron will ensure that you’re always connected fuss-free.


Our Three Pillars

Why Choose Nuron for

Your Internet Need?

Here’s why…

Play Video

Movie Night, Gaming Sessions, Live-Streaming, Whatever.

No Hiccups.

Enjoy every moment on the internet without worrying about connection quality and reliability. Nuron has got you covered.

So that you can focus on beating your opponents, FaceTiming your friends abroad, and premiering your latest video project at the scheduled time.

Everything Just Works Seamlessly in the Nuron Ecosystem.

Our connected services aim to make your life on the internet easy and engaging.

Work From Home

Blur-free video and zero lag during virtual meetings, Nuron enables that.


It cannot get worse than an interruption while watching a thriller. We avoid it.


Gamers will love the prioritized speed for their gaming sessions!


With Nuron, you can ensure that no malicious sites are accessed on your network.

What Makes Nuron


We are smart, and so is our network. Analytics and data drive our networks. It enables us to do radical things with our next-gen network – like predicting a breakdown and fixing the issues beforehand. Our network is proactive and not reactive. And that makes us India’s first gaming-ready network.

With SD-WAN capabilities and microservice-based architecture, Nuron can enable business process automation for big enterprises.

Made for Movies

Say Goodbye to That Annoying

Buffering Icon

All our efforts are centered around the relentless quest to provide the best quality high-speed internet that rivals some of the biggest players.

And you can put that claim to test with multiple streams of Netflix in 4k at your place. Our network won’t miss a beat. Say hello to an unbelievably smooth streaming experience with Nuron.


Here’s What Our Clients Have to Say About Us!

We asked our valued customers, who are using our networks, to describe it in a few words. Have a look at what they have to say.

I have been using Nuron broadband services for last 5 months, I never found any significant issue related to network and speed. 

Vivek Gautam

I have been a satisfied consumer of Nuron networks for past 2 years.

Speed is optimum and their plans are highly effective for corporates.


I Have been using Nuron services for the past 6 months and pretty satisfied with the connection as well as with the customer service of Nuron


Speed Test

Moment of Truth

Check how fast your internet is and get insights on the factors like latency, download and upload speeds, and so on.

Testing Download ...
1 gbps

*Use a speed test service of your choice, and redirect the user to the link.


Binge watch your favourites

With unparalleled speed, stay entertained by binging your favourite shows as soon as they release!


Binge watch your favourites

With unparalleled speed, stay entertained by binging your favourite shows as soon as they release!


A Sneak Peek Into How Our Magical

Network Functions

To provide one of the best interest speeds and reliability needs some clever problem-solving chops. Nuron has done just that.

This way, we can allocate and shuffle bandwidth dynamically for our users, guaranteeing a lag-free internet with optimum speed.

Check for Our Service Feasibility in Your Region

Welcome to Nuron! Get to know about your connection, the activity, and insights. It is a one-stop destination for everything related to your Nuron subscription.