Stay Connected and Secure on Wi-Fi, All the Time, With Nu-Fi.

Ensure that your enterprise Wi-Fi just works, no matter what. So, your business can stay focused on its operations.

What is Nu-Fi?

Nu-Fi is Nuron’s next-gen Wi-Fi 6 compliant solution for managed enterprise Wi-Fi. The aim we have set with Nu-Fi is to provide the best possible Wi-Fi experience to enterprises with uncompromised security and the required feature-set. So, you have secure and fast connectivity wherever you are in your building.

An advanced cloud-based SD-WAN-enabled Wi-Fi management system, Nu-Fi gives you valuable insights into the network – usage, accessed sites, time spent, and so on. It gives you the power to regulate the network. And it also helps us make our network more reliable, secure, and resistant to cyber threats. And its business-centric features make life easy for everyone.


Features and Benefits



Have insights about user data, internet activity, and the network in general.


Guest Wi-Fi

Provide secure internet access to the guests with customisable network policies.



Vigil protects the network from being vulnerable to cyber threats.


Enterprise Policies and Traffic shaping:

Deploy network restrictions, track usage and assign time, quota, and speed for the users.


Mesh connectivity

Consistent speeds and connectivity for ever-increasing devices


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